Currently the V1 version is for D2CKEY/D2CPRO , and the V2 version is for ARGON,  V3 version is for WIIKEY ,  V4 version is for D2PRO , V5 version is for WASABI, V5B for D2SUN, V6 for D2CPro 21wires, V7 for INFECTUS2 9wires, V8 for D2LITE,  V9 for WIITOP, V10 for WASABI2, V11 for ARGON_F, V12 for D2SUN V2, and PIN-CLIP for universal , KEY-CLIP/OPEN-CLIP/FREE-CLIP for DIYer, and more version will coming.



Original WII-CLIP Logo Warning! Have found the wii-clip clone in the market! It's good decision to choose our ORIGINAL WII-CLIP! It'll protect your Wii and your investment more better because we have a great design experience for the wii-clip and we know how to make it working more stable and safe very well!

Trust ORIGINAL, make your Wii safe.

WII-CLIP Features:
* Support for full series WII CHIP, included WIIKEY , D2CKEY , D2CPRO , ARGON , D2PRO, WASABI, INFECTUS, D2SUN chips, very high install efficiency, you can finish most jobs in 2 minutes.
* Very easy to install. You just need to solder the chip to the 1:1 points. Then push it cover over the D2C chipset on the drive, plug and play, even don't need the extra wires for VCC and GND , 100% ZERO wires need!
* Very easy to disable the WII chip, just remove (pull out) the WII-CLIP from the WII motherboard, no need to unsolder anymore. This process will allow you return your WII to its stock configuration, can give back you one 100% original WII immediately.
* Next generation HIGH
precision design, 100% working perfect and stable.

* Use the special IC encapsulation material,  whole wii-clip working like a small radiator, without any overheating issue. We have keep it run over 720 hours to confirm this point.




The last generation 2 Wii-Clip (Wii-Clip2) has announce now !

[A.] All Wii-Clip2 come with the newest Wii-CLIP2 QR CODE certificate

[B.] All Wii-Clip2 come with the newest Wii-CLIP laser holography trademark certificate

[C.] All Wii-Clip2 PCB are RED color

[D.] All Wii-Clip2 socket and Pins are whole new design, connection more better than the old Wii-Clip, working more stable and reliable !


*** Before buy the genuine Wii-Clip, please make sure your shop is in our official Wii-Clip reseller list and NOT in our BLACK LIST , to make your Wii safe! ***






The new Wii-Clip2 color packing paper



Make your Wii safe! 

(click for enlarge)

Trust ORIGINAL,don't kill your wii! Here is one REAL case from Mitch:

...... I got my clip-chip yesterday, however, after proper installation following the guide/diagram on for a D2C Wii, my Wii Drive does not work even through the chip's green LED turns on. The drive does work when I remove the Wii-clip. From the official Wii-clip website, I believe I may have a fake/defective wii-clip v5 and/or wasabi v2 as the one you sent me matches up perfectly to the fake wii-clip. Online forums have also confirmed my suspicions. I would like to ask for a full refund plus shipping charges pending the return unless there is something else we can work out. Thanks. ......


...... I recieved the clip-chip on Monday July 21. I realized it was a fake from and the clip has more pins than what was needed. I was upset that the clip damaged pins on my wii . ....... This is just bad pratice on their part, or a seller trying to make a quick buck. I just wanted to make sure wii-clip is notified of this situation.  Thanks.......


......yes i do. you can see the two pins that were damaged and one of the resistors, i believe, fell out from me trying to fit the fake V5 wiiclip on. the pins inside the wiiclip did not fit correctly with my wii's chip and only after I realized it was fake did I know why I was not able to put it on correctly. It fits now that the pins inside the fake wiiclip are loose. Sorry the picture is 2MB, but I wanted to send the original. Thanks ......


Here is one REAL case from Kal:
......I bought a pre-soldered d2pro9 v2 and wii clip and installed it. It worked great for the first few days but now the drive is dead. I opened it back up, reseated the chip and no difference. I'm getting a back and forth flashing of red LED and blue LED. With the Wii-Clip removed the drive is still dead. I have noticed that the Wii-Clip may have damaged the d2c chip legs as three of the legs are clearly dented. Is this a known problem? ......

...... I attached two photos that are as clear as I could get. One is of the soldered d2pro9 v2 chip onto the clone Wii-clip. The second shows what I think is a damaged leg on the chip, if you look at the third one from the left you should be able to see it ......

*** The last news from WII-CLIP ***


The V16 for Wasabi Zero  in stock now    (Jan.15th 2009)


The V12 can support the last D2SUN V3Pro  in stock now    (Dec.30 2008)


The new V4C-9A for D2Pro and V12C for D2SUN  in stock now    (Nov.22 2008)


The V14 for WiiKey2 / D2Lite V2 5/6/9 wires in stock now    (Nov.3 2008)


The V13 for wiizard 9 wires in stock now    (Aug.31 2008)


The V12 can support D2SUN V3.0  7 wires in stock now    (Aug.26 2008)


The V10 for WASABI 2 (clone) in stock now    (Jun.27 2008)


The V12 for D2SUN V2.x  9 wires in stock now    (Jun.23 2008)


The V5B for D2SUN V1.1 support D2C2 already, plug and play!    (Jun.13 2008)


The V2B for Argon 9 wires in stock now   (Jun.1 2008)

The V5B for D2SUN 9 wires and V9 for WIITOP 9 wires in stock now  (May.30 2008)


The V8 for D2LITE 15 wires in stock now  (May.25 2008)


One professional review for WII-CLIP  (May.19 2008)


The V7B for INTFECTUS2 9 wires in stock now  (May.16 2008)


The V6 for D2Cpro 21 wires in stock now  (May.12 2008)


[Review] Wii-Clip V1-V2-V3-V4-V5-KeyClip by Flash78  (May.5 2008)


The V4C version for D2Pro 9 wires is ready.  (April.28 2008)

The V6 version for D2CPro 21 wires (GW-619) is coming soon. (April.23 2008)

Now the universal PIN-CLIP diagram for INFECTUS 9 wires / D2PRO 9 wires and WII LIKEIT 9 wires is ready.   (April.23 2008)

V3 / V5 and PIN-CLIP / FREE-PRORAMMER all in stock now,V4B coming soon.
Discuss :  Key-Clip 100% Solderless chip/clip Review by WesTek

ALL WII-CLIP LIST (16 version total):

V1 for D2CKEY/D2CPro 33 wires V2 for ARGON 13 wires V2B for ARGON 9 wires
V3 for WIIKEY/WIIKIT 6 wires V4 for D2PRO 13/15/19 wires V4C for D2Pro 9 wires
V5 for WASABI 9 wires, it can support ALL DMS/D2A/D2B/D2C WII,
even the legs cut D2B WII too!
V5B for D2SUN 9 wires, it can support ALL DMS/D2A/D2B/D2C WII,
even the legs cut D2B WII too!
V6 for D2CPro 21 wires
V7(V7B) for INFECTUS2 9 wires V8 for D2LITE 15 wires V9 for WIITOP 9 wires
V10 for WASABI2 (CLONE) 9 wires V12 for D2SUN V2 V13 for WiiZard Mod
V14 for WiiKey2 / D2Lite V15 for Axxxxx2 Universal PIN-CLIP for ALL modchips
Coming soon
KEY-CLIP for WIIKEY DIY (Reprogrammable ) OPEN-CLIP for Chiip/OpenWii/WiiSKAS DIY
(Reprogrammable )
FREE-CLIP for OpenWii/WiiFree/YAOSM/Wiinja DIY
(Reprogrammable )

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