FAKE  Wii-Clip FAKE Black List
Warning! We have confirmed these shop have selling the FAKE wii-clip clone !
For protect the user benefit, we have to put these shop to the FAKE CLIP black list,
please DON'T buy any FAKE wii-clip from this black list, to protect your Wii safe!

Don't buy any Wii-Clip from these Back List Shop!




Here is one REAL case from Petr:

Hi, i just let you now, that i bought for sure clone wii clip, because when i found information on your website about wii clips, I checked differences between fake and original:
1. my clip has not number on the below
2. the 1 font is different
3. its dark - black color

I think that the modchip isnt right too, because there is something extra added.

I bought it from
consolesource.com, I waited for it around two weeks, I have tried to call them 10 times, nobody answered it, i sent them 3 emails, nobody has sent me answer. Their services are really bad, it was my the worst experience. I will send them items back, and I hope that i will get my money back as soon as.

Please inform about this on your website, because i read that a lot of customers are thinking to buy something on

Thank you so much.

I sent you photo of my modchip and wii clip - you can compare it.

If you need any more information, for example, the bill form
consolesource.com - that i bought it there. Its not problem, just send me email and i will be cooperate with you to help other customers.



Here is one REAL case from Luke:


In date 22-9-2008 i bought from www.mod-center.com 7 wii-clip but when i have checked it to verify if original i checked these difference between my fake and original:
1. my clip has not number on the below
2. the 1 font is different
3. the space in with i solder the modchip are more big
4. the clip is a bit little and can damage d2c PIN

Please verify my photos in attachment

I sent them 3 emails, and they have responded that them have only wii-clip clone!!!

Please inform about this on your website and refresh your reseller list!

Thank you so much.

P.s. Sorry for my english, i'm Italian


And here is the Email history:


No problem send to us the wiiclip and we return to you the money

We have not a original wiiclip

Gracias, Un saludo

-----Mensaje original-----

These clone haven't same dimension of original.
The part in with i solder the modchip d2pro are more big and it's more
difficult to solder.
I have read on wii-clip site that some clone may harm the chip and i
don't want to risk to harm 7 console that aren't mine !

----- Original Message -----

Sorry but we don't have this wiiclip of wiiclip team

Gracias, Un saludo

-----Mensaje original-----
but i have purchased and paid it as originals!
With wii clip not original there is the possibility to make harm on d2c
chip of wii's dvd reader. you would have to say before shipping.

----- Original Message -----


We have some wiiclips not original

Gracias, Un saludo

-----Mensaje original-----

yesterday i have receive my order 47985 but i noticed that the wii-clip
seems to be not original. I have checked it on wii-clip official site
and the clip are different from original. There isn't the number below
the clip and the number 1 of serial is in different caracter.


(click for enlarge)

Trust ORIGINAL, don't kill your wii!



How to identify your WII-CLIP is ORIGINAL CLIP or FAKE CLIP?


[1] Up side identify:



[2] Down side identify:


[3] More compare:





















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